There are no strong people

Is it possible to be hugely blessed by God and still make a mess of your life?

In this provocative, breathtakingly honest book on the Bible’s infamous rascal, Samson, Jeff Lucas explores some vital principles for living life well.

What is it we all really crave? Do good people do bad things? What do we do when we re disappointed? Are there clear steps towards success and disaster?

Samson is a controversial figure - some commentators cannot forgive his morally challenged antics while others can see a reflection of Christ in parts of his story. Whatever your view, this book will shed new light on Samson’s story, Israel‘s story, God Himself - and your own story too.

Divided into four smaller books, each centre around a pivotal part of Samson’s life. With great insight and startling clarity Jeff takes us up close and personal so that we can imagine we are actually watching Samson’s life unfold in front of us. Some of the topics covered include: propaganda, happiness, me -centredness, eroticism, accountability, anger, disappointment in people, Satan’s schemes and how disaster eventually strikes.

A provocative read, There Are No Strong People ultimately asks its readers to really think, re-evaluate and dig deeper.