Will your prodigal come home?

If you have had your heart broken by a prodigal, you know the pain of being hurt or disappointed by a loved one and the utter despair of seeing them turn away from Christ and the cross.

In "Will Your Prodigal Come Home?" author Jeff Lucas delivers a message that is both challenging and comforting as he outlines the chaotic situations and emotions that families of prodigals face. Lucas acknowledges that every prodigal is different. Some have defied God. Some are lured by drugs, alcohol, or crime.

Others have drifted until the emotional and physical distance feels unbearable. Still others are in church pews, with hearts closed to Jesus. Clearly, there are no easy answers. But through understanding, insight into the emotions that form within families, and an acknowledgement of the power of prayer, this book outlines a solid approach to help guide your prodigal home and help you keep your own faith as you wait.