The Lifeplan

In life, whatever pathway we take, we all face the same questions:
Who am I?  Where am I going?   What is important now?  What do I hope for?

I want to help you find your true north. You will:

  • know where you are
  • choose the best pathway
  • find your way home to your core purpose

Introducing the LifePlan

From clients...

David Grizzle

<strong>Former Senior Vice President, Continental Airlines, and COO of the Federal Aviation Administration (head of the US air traffic control system). </strong> I found Jeff Lucas’ Life Plan exercise beneficial because it gave me additional frames through which to view my life

Jeffrey Bailey

<strong>Former Managing Director, Centre for Social Justice (London) and Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge University .</strong> The LifePlan process itself is extraordinary: over the course of two intense days, you are helped to identify and understand the patterns of your life

Steve Merriman

<strong> EA / President and Tax Advisor Clergy Advantage, Inc. </strong> LifePlan has a proven process that definitively answers this important question.  When you finish the process, there will be no doubt as to what you need to be doing with your life. 

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