Notable leaders from the Christian community like Rick Warren, Mark Batterson and Dick Foth have completed the LifePlan process.

250 key staff members from the Otter Box corporation have also had LifePlans. Wayne Cordeiro in his best-selling book, 'Leading on Empty' specifically refers to the influence and help of Tom Paterson and his processes. Here is what some of Jeff's clients have to say...

Brad Florin - Partner, Fort Equity

'The LifePlan - what an experience! While I am by nature a planner and strategic thinker, the process of developing a LifePlan took my own view of my life to a whole new level. Beyond forest for the trees, it was more like getting a 360 degree view of the entire Earth from a single vantage point.Jeff’s deep engagement in the process which allowed us to leave no stone unturned and delivered a comprehensive and personalized plan.'

Dick Foth - Former College President, Author and Speaker

'Once a person passes the 70-year mark in his life folks often don’t expect much of him.  I found, at 71 years of age, that the Life Planning experience helped me identify what I might expect of myself in the years left to me.  Jeff Lucas walked me through a two-day experience with insightful questions, big picture perspective, and great challenges.  I walked away with a quality assessment of my history, an affirmation of my interior design, and dreams for the future framed in “action steps.”  Two and a half years later, several of those actions are reality including the authoring of two books.  Jeff’s expertise is more than a skill.  It is a gift.  I could not recommend a process or a person more highly!'

Brad Formsma - Author, Speaker and Filmmaker

'I was introduced to LifePlan through several friends - both of which had gone through the process earlier in the year. Jeff is one of the finest question askers and listeners that I know. And I know a lot of people!! When I asked Jeff how much training he took for being a facilitator he responded “5 days and 40 years”.  I now have a neutral working document that is outside of my mind - on my worst days in the past I would allow thoughts to recur over and over which led to lost hours, days and even weeks. As I look back on my experience I realized that Jeff locked arms with me and said “ lets walk this way”. Thoughout the course of our many hours together he pushed and pulled  at  the right times all in the spirit of wanting to help me discover. He gave me space when he sensed that was needed
Today, I can look at my Life Plan learnings which hang in my closet as a reminder of what was revealed to me those magical days in Fort Collins.'

Chris Edwardson M.D.- Family Physician

'Jeff Lucas facilitated my life plan in February 2013. I have just had a look back and my only regret is that I had not done this ten years sooner.  We achieved an articulate and focused document that confirmed calling , incorporated core values and identified achievable goals with strategy to overcome obstacles to my life plan. This comprehensive document was meant to be a 10 year plan but clarity of focus magnified the effectiveness and 90% of measurable goals have been met in less than three years. I would recommend this to any executive as the best investment for core values driven future!'

Tyler Green- The Hobby Lobby Corporation 

'I was a bit hesitant going into my LifePlan time, wondering if the experience would be confining or limiting.  What I found was quite the opposite.  The 2 days with Jeff brought a new sense of clarity and confidence as to how I might better serve others and thrive.  I'm grateful to have this new lens to view and discern opportunities. I'm confident I will continue to glean insights from my LifePlan for years to come.'   

Chaplain Rick Christopherson - Rocky Mountain Chaplain Corps

'I experienced a life plan that not only challenged me but confirmed in me my life goals. I'm better organized with tools to help me process those goals. Jeff Lucas is not only gifted as a facilitator, he can find in you that point in which you find yourself and draw out of you the words to best describe your life and future. I highly recommend this experience.'

Rev. James Braddy- District Superintendent, Assemblies of God, California 

'Recently my wife and I went through the Life Plan evaluation with Jeff Lucas.  It was intense, revealing , and essential in helping us make some critical decisions regarding our future.  Jeff was professional, sensitive and incredibly insightful as we walked through this process.  We only wish we would have done this 10 years ago!'

Mark Batterson - New York Times Best Selling Author

'The Life Plan process with Jeff Lucas was a game-changer. Jeff was both a sounding board and a mirror - he helped me hear myself, and see myself better. I recently spent two days with Jeff Lucas crafting a life plan. Those two days will pay dividends for the rest of my life. I only wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to do it. Honestly, I’d spent more time planning vacations than planning my life! I wasn’t living with the kind of intentionality it takes to turn possibilities into realities. I went through nineteen exercises with Jeff, each one aimed at reimagining my life. The focus was my future, but we looked at it through the prism of my past. By the time we were done, my sense of destiny was off the charts’.  

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