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After 17 years of writing Daily Bible reading notes - Life Every Day, published by CWR (now Waverley Resources), the new leadership at Waverley decided to go in another direction, and cancelled the contract. And that, we thought, was that. 

An amazing community was established with thousands of readers near and far, but we thought that the joy, and sometimes the slog of creating those notes was at an end. 

That was until we were contacted by hundreds of readers, asking that there be a continuation of notes in some form. And so we have made the decision to take a leap of faith and produce a new Bible reading product - Life with Lucas - in print and online. 



Available by annual subscription or directly through the many wonderful Christian bookshops in the UK, we plan to take Bible reading notes to a whole new level, with links to podcasts, online video introductions to each set of notes, and - if all goes well - linked resources for small groups, and a going deeper section as well. The notes will be published on a quarterly basis.

And so, this is where we really need your help, both prayerfully and in terms of resources. Setting all this up is going to be very costly, as we gather our team for editorial, design, print, and distribution. We plan on investing heavily into this personally, as well as making a commitment to not draw any income personally from this new product for at least the first year. 


Can you help us? Some may be able to make a small gift, while others might have the ability to make a significant investment into this ministry tool. 

The down to earth style of the notes previously has also been really well received in many of the UK's prisons, and we'd love to be able to freely resource prisoners with authentic, Biblical material that can help them discover new life and hope. We are setting up a new charity for this endeavour, but in the meantime donations can be received through the Breakout Trust - we're grateful for their help and collaboration in this project. 

We've spent a long time in a variety of lockdowns - and through all of that we've come to realize that much of the Bible was written by people in lockdown, for people in lockdown! 

Whether it's the Israelites enslaved in Egypt, Joseph falsely accused and incarcerated, Daniel and his friends exiled in Babylon, Paul, the apostle who wrote his amazing prison epistles, or John, trapped on the prison island of Patmos - the Bible speaks so directly to the challenges that have become so pressing for the world recently. 

Please help us get God's ever-relevant Word out through this new, exciting opportunity!   

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