Brad Formsma

'I was introduced to LifePlan through several friends - both of which had gone through the process earlier in the year. Jeff is one of the finest question askers and listeners that I know. And I know a lot of people!! When I asked Jeff how much training he took for being a facilitator he responded “5 days and 40 years”.  I now have a neutral working document that is outside of my mind - on my worst days in the past I would allow thoughts to recur over and over which led to lost hours, days and even weeks. As I look back on my experience I realized that Jeff locked arms with me and said “ lets walk this way”. Thoughout the course of our many hours together he pushed and pulled  at  the right times all in the spirit of wanting to help me discover. He gave me space when he sensed that was needed
Today, I can look at my Life Plan learnings which hang in my closet as a reminder of what was revealed to me those magical days in Fort Collins.'

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